It takes a big, strong man to go against the grain and speak out. At 7’0 feet tall and a professional basketball player, Jason Collins is just that. The day after he came out of the closet, a real slam dunk for gay rights (Punbomb) people have started to voice their opinions of Collins. Reception of his monumental announcement has been good thus far, but here’s a peek as to what people are saying. All the good, the bad and of course the ugly:

Jason Collins, a pro athlete, a black man, and a gay man (Source: Salon Magazine)

Jason Collins, a pro athlete, a black man, and a gay man (Source: Salon Magazine)

The Good: Most people seem extremely receptive of Collins, here’s just a few:

The one and only Bill Clinton, a guy who knows all about keeping secrets:

Kobe Bryant, a man who was once fined for using a gay slur, but hey we all change. Also notice that Kobe has an insane amount of retweets…dude’s an absolute Twitter legend, forget the basketball stuff.

Hell even Howard Stern gave Collins some love

The Bad: When something like this happens, there’s always someone who fires off on Twitter without thinking…Cue Mike Wallace. Btw wasn’t quick enough to screen shot it before he inevitably deleted it, so here’s some random dude’s pic

Wallace did apologize, but it was a little late and everyone who has a Twitter account has cast their thoughts upon him.

The Ugly:
It get’s worse than Wallace? Oh yes, yes it does. Chris Broussard went religious on us…uh oh. To be fair, Broussard is entitled to his opinions, as close minded as they are, but why in God’s name (it’s a theme, go with it) is ESPN asking him to say it on national television? Also, he gets absolutely toasted on the rebuttal by LZ Granderson, well played.

Parting Thoughts:
Bob Ley summed up what a lot of people really thought of Collins courageous act

-El Perro Grande