Fucking chicks man, can’t even take a selfie nowadays without nearly getting their head taken off by a batting practice homer. Chicks just doing the damn thing per usual.

That aside, I am torn on the fact that this is actually real or a just a professionally done photoshop job. On one hand, I want to believe this is real, in large part because I find this picture hilarious. Just showing how girls are oblivious to the world around them, just completely ignoring the fact that she is standing in prime BP homer territory high atop the Green Monster and at any moment could be taken out by a line drive homer. But nope, not even a thought of hers, in her mind it’s a great time to take a  selfie. I’m surprised she didn’t throw in some ‘duck lips’ too, would have added a lot of credibility to this photo.

But on the other hand, my brain tells me this is fake, just to coincidental, angles don’t add up, shadows don’t align, baseball isn’t blurred enough, etc. Just a well thought out PR and publicity stunt  for both her and Disney’s  Angels in the Outfield, which she is now claiming saved her life in some sort of over the top divine intervention.


This smells to the high heavens and quite frankly, I am not buying into this, not for one second.

p.s. Only a chick would carry an Angels in the Outfield DVD in their purse to work/baseball game.  Unreal.