Here is the list, via the NHL 

1. Chicago Blackhawks | Jonathan Toews
2. Detroit Red Wings | Pavel Datsyuk
3. Pittsburgh Penguins | Sidney Crosby
4. New York Rangers | Rick Nash
5. Chicago Blackhawks | Patrick Kane
6. Chicago Blackhawks | Marian Hossa
7. Philadelphia Flyers | Claude Giroux
8. New York Rangers | Ryan Callahan
9. Pittsburgh Penguins | James Neal
10. Minnesota Wild | Zach Parise
11. Detroit Red Wings | Henrik Zetterberg
12. Toronto Maple Leafs | Joffrey Lupul 
13. New Jersey Devils | Ilya Kovalchuk
14. Boston Bruins | Brad Marchand
15. Boston Bruins | Tyler Seguin
16. Chicago Blackhawks | Patrick Sharp
17. New York Islanders | John Tavares
18. Boston Bruins | Patrice Bergeron
19. Washington Capitals | Alex Ovechkin
20. Boston Bruins | Zdeno Chara

For the most part, this list really doesn’t surprise me. All major metropolitans and the vast majority of teams on this list are Original Six teams and all of them, with the exception of Minnesota, are known for being huge hockey cities.

However, I am surprised on a couple of fronts though. First and foremost, where the hell is LA? Team just won the cup last year for Christ’s sake, on top of the fact that LA is the 2nd most populous city in the US as well. Oh and what was that? They are in the playoffs again this year? Hey LA, wake the fuck up and smell the coffee, you are embarrassing yourself.

My second biggest surprise is Montreal. Supposedly, the kings of the hockey world, the Wicked Witch of the East when it comes to hockey. Yet they can’t even crack top 20 in sales? Are they bootlegging all of their jersey purchases and buying them off of the Canadian Black Market? Just flipping the bird to Bettman? So many questions about Montreal here, that need to be answered. I demand answers.

I will say I am absolutely shocked, mind boggling really, that Columbus didn’t break the top 10. I figured with the fire sale of Rick Nash jerseys and the fact that they were somewhat competitive this year and the fact that they just barely missed playoffs, didn’t sneak them into the top 10, or at least top 20. They must have just missed it by a hair.