There’s controversy in Bean Town folks. An ESPN report, that was run on the front page of their website,  fueled by the claims of Jack Morris, the broadcaster for the Blue Jays, Clay Buchholz, on Wednesday night was using the good ole spitter. Now the reports are relatively shaky but according to the quotes from the ESPN article, Detective Morris noticed Buchholz repeatedly wipe his hand on his left arm. It should be pointed out that Detective Morris was pouring over game film from a 10-1 losswhere the Blue Jays played exceptionally poor. So what does this mean for baseball?

Here he is, priming the spit ball

Here he is, priming the spit ball (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

It means absolutely nothing. We have a classic case of ESPN reporting on…well…just about everything other than the NHL Playoffs. Jack Morris’ claims are equivocal to that neighbor you have who drinks a lot and claims he was abducted by aliens about once a month. ESPN, who the hell cares? This article, which is quite long, is more suited as an interest story, not a damn front pager. The only thing this article tells me is that Jack Morris is an absolutely paranoid guy, my favorite part has to be that he told both Boston catchers  “I’ll be looking,” he said. “I’ll be looking. You warn all your boys I’ll be looking.” All I can picture is this old guy shaking his fists at a bunch of dumbfounded kids, which to be fair…is like ninety percent accurate.

P.S. Google Clay Buchholz, your top news results are people speculating that he’s cheating by throwing the spitter. Wake up people, it’s a baseless story. Shows ya what can happen when people spout off controversial things.

Great work ESPN, feel free to leave any comments in the space below.

-El Perro Grande