So we’re through one week of NHL playoffs, and so far only one player has gotten Shanabanned. Other than the inevitability of at least two more and numerous blown calls on your favorite team, here’s a list of what we’ve learned so far:

-The Canucks don’t have a goalie…still.

Both Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider have started during this series, and both have been less than impressive. Luongo who is 0-2 owns a 2.58 GAA (Goals Against Average) and sports a save percentage of .915. Not to be out done, Schneider (0-1) Has himself an impressive 6.80 GAA and a save percentage of .821. The Canucks are in a 3-0 hole and it doesn’t look like any of the tendys (as the kids like to say) brought a ladder to climb out. *Sidebar* Luongo’s penthouse reportedly lists for $4.5 million dollars, roughly one dollar per goal he allows.

The Canucks goalie situation...YOLO? ( (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

The Canucks goalie situation…YOLO? ( (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

-Pittsburgh still wants to trade chances.

Does anybody remember last year’s Philly-Pittsburgh series? Ya know the one where goaltending took a back seat to…well…everything including dancing bears. Well, it looks like Pittsburgh is back to their wicked ways. After thoroughly dominating game 1 in a 5-0 win. In what looked like a snoozefest of a series, Pittsburgh quickly went up 2-0 in Game 2, only to blow that lead and lose 4-3 on some top notch goal keeping by Marc-Andre Fleury. Their next game, they would claw back from a 2-0 deficit, but then give up 2 in the third and be forced to steal one from the mighty Islanders in overtime. For Stanley Cup favorites they sure are risky.

-St. Louis and Los Angeles are ready to play.

While many people are watching the Lakers get absolutely beaten by…well anyone, a great series was forming. Actually, this series is shaping up to be one of the best of the opening rounds, an instant classic as some may say. Both teams have won two games and neither team has one by more than 1 goal. The physical play is outstanding and Jonathan Quick has elevated himself to a whole new level. Currently, he has a 1.66 GAA and a save percentage of .941 and has notched one shutout. Both teams are hungry and are looking to make a huge impact, this is one series you don’t want to miss, even if it is on at 10 pm E.T.

It's going to take more than a ref to separate these two teams. (Blue Note Zone)

It’s going to take more than a ref to separate these two teams. (Blue Note Zone)

-There’s Bad Blood

The Candiens and Senators apparently hate each other, but then again, who doesn’t hate those from Quebec? The penalties are racking up, and hey, we’ve all seen the Gryba hit. Normally, the Canadiens aren’t suited for this level of physical play, but they checked that at the door. Brendan Gallagher is 5 feet and 9 inches of hate. He’s flying around taking hits and giving them and scoring goals, it’s hard to really pick a clear winner because both teams seem to be good and bad at the same time. Although, if you use this little clip as a definer, I’d have to say tie goes to the runner, the runner being Ottawa. Use this series as a primer for the Blues Kings one, not to be missed.

-When the Postseason hits, the Preseason Dies

Remember how the Rangers were supposed to blow away the NHL? After limping into the playoffs, they find themselves down 2-1 to the Capitals. The Rangers need to step up and get gritty. Torts needs to literally light a fire up under their ass, which is probably tame for him. Alex Ovechkin is making the Rangers defense look like well…the Flyers defense. Watching some game film, there’s a nice clip of him somewhere, going around 3 rangers and taking a shot on Hank. Come on New York, you’ve got the best goalie in the league (world) and he often looks lost. Figure it out!

Dirty Russians (Frank Franklin II/Associated Press)

Dirty Russians (Frank Franklin II/Associated Press)

Probably missed a bunch of stuff, but drop one in the comment box and let me know.

-El Perro Grande