I honestly don’t even know the point of this blog. I have nothing to really say about this subject, I mean what is there really to say to begin with. Just look at the damn pretty renderings and ohhh and ahhh and let your mind be blown. I have been on vacation the past weak, hence why you have not seen a blog from me, even though I am pretty sure no one even noticed, let alone cared about my absence. Anywho, I need to get back into the blogging grind and this blog is serving as my warmup.

P.S. How pissed do you think Oakland is out of this whole thing? Oakland is constantly playing second-fiddle to their counterpart across the Bay in San Francisco. Not only do they have to deal with being Oakland, but the 49’ers and Giants both crush the Raiders and Athletics when it comes to their respective sports, now they have to deal with Warriors moving West as well. Rough times in Oakland indeed.

Now just look at these stunning renderings and admire them as well as my blogging skills. Ohh and vote on the poll at the end. I am setting the over/under on total poll participants at 2.5.


All photos courtesy of the NBA via http://www.nba.com/warriors/sf?venue