As probably most of you diehard sports fans have already seen, there is a viral video of Matt Kemp currently circling the web. Yes it involves him taking off jersey, yes it involves him interacting with the crowd and no, it isn’t a poor attempt at picking up chicks (A-Rod style). Instead what it is, is Matt Kemp giving almost everything on his body to a boy who is suffering from cancer. The article (which includes the video that I’ve also included) gives you a rundown of the whole scenario.

The part of this story that I find to be the best is that Kemp went up to the kid without any prompting. Sure his 3rd base coach told him about it, but he didn’t have to go shake his hand and sign a ball, much less everything else. Also, Kemp says he didn’t want it to be filmed. Kemp doesn’t care, he’s just doin what he feels is right. And did you see the kids face? It absolutely lit up. For those who say that sports aren’t important, just watch this video. I don’t know how bad Joshua’s cancer is but when your hero comes and does this it doesn’t matter, he was walking on air. Good on you Matt Kemp, you’ve brought joy to someone who needed it. And Joshua, if you read this blog, I wish you the best, cancer sucks, but you can beat it. Also wish ya the best because you’ve made it to the end of my blog, and that takes some dedication.

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-El Perro Grande