Titus Young sr. (Yeah, he’s a 23 years old) is at it again. The much maligned (Detroit Lions fans will have no idea what that last word meant) wide receiver who once lined up in the wrong spots and sucker punched a teammate, as well as tweeting about not getting the ball has almost completed the holy grail of arrests.

One of his two mugshots

One of his two mugshots

According to this article in the Oakland Press, Titus Sr. (gotta respect it) was arrested for drunk driving (classic) the police then impounded his black mustang. And then in what I can only imagine was the most thought out heist since Ocean’s 13, Titus Sr. decided he would steal his car back…in broad daylight…from the police station. Unfortunately for Titus, he began his crime just as the officers were coming outside. They noticed a man jump over the fence and quickly apprehended him.

So congrats Titus, you’ve just been arrested twice in 15 hours…15 hours…he had enough time to go home, sober up, and then come up with this cracking idea! After being cut from the Rams (after they picked him up from being cut by the Lions) for just not quite being mentally there, it looks like Titus is going to need to look for a new job…might I suggest McDonalds?

-El Perro Grande