Live tweeting on NHL playoffs going on as we speak @BWsportsBlog

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So both Gonzo and El Perro Grande will be live tweeting tonights NHL playoff match ups starting at 6:45ish. What that means is several things; 1) We will be bringing our sense of humor and sports knowledge to Twitter and will be dissecting the games live. 2) In order for live Tweeting to take place, you must follow us on Twitter, which can be done on the right hand side —> (Are we promoting our own Twitter account? Yes, yes we are. 3) And while you are on the whole social media mindset, ‘Like’ us on Facebook so we can feel special.

Lets do this shindig!

El Perro Grande is Tweeting Senators vs Canadiens


Gonzo will be Tweeting Islanders vs Penguins


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