Today we learned that the San Francisco 49ers have agreed with the denim company, Levi Strauss & Co. on a naming rights deal for the team’s new home field in Santa Clara, Calif., which will be dubbed the mundane; Levi’s Stadium.


Via the San Francisco 49ers on Instagram

As reported by the Associated Press (h/t ESPN), the 20-year, $220 million deal was announced on Wednesday, making it the second largest naming rights deal, behind only MetLife Stadium.


What a terrible name for a new stadium huh? Levi’s Stadium? It just sounds terrible, doesn’t roll off the tongue good and on a scale of 0-10 on the ‘sucks’ scale, its a straight 9.5. I understand it’s all about the money, I think we all grasp that general concept, but c’mon, can we get some originality and creativeness in these corporate naming rights?

So it got me thinking of what other horrible major stadium and arena names are there across the US? And surprisingly there is quite a bit. So in honor of Levi’s Stadium, here is my top 10 worst named venues:

P.S. Safe to say the NBA is the winner in this top 10, just dominating the naming game. Typical NBA.

10) Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay Rays)

Yes, it is a decent name. Actually strike that it’s a rather good name, but the place is an absolute shit hole, run down warehouse and that affects the name greatly. In a sense it’s bad publicity, carries over to the name.

9) Time Warner Cable Arena (Charlotte Bobcats)

Not bad, but not good either. Has a decent ring to it, but Time Warner Cable is garbage and it’s too long when using it in a conversation.

8) Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (New York Islanders)

Solid name overall, just not a good name for a hockey venue, never mind for a dump that is the Coliseum.

7) EnergySolutions Arena (Salt Lake City Jazz)

Just a boring and rather lame name.

6) Bankers Life Fieldhouse (Indiana Pacers)

Bankers and Life? Together for a sports venue name? No thanks.

5) University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona Cardinals)

At first you think it’s the University of Phoenix’s stadium, then you realize the University of Phoenix is a online ‘university’ and has no collegiate sports, let alone an actual university.

4) Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland Cavaliers)

I’m not a fan of financial institutional names for venues, but this one in particular, sucks.

3) Coliseum (Oakland Raiders/Oakland Athletics)

I know it’s an abbreviation, but this is what it’s called. And no, it’s not a corporate name either, but it’s super boring and rather lame just like Oakland. Next

2) Sleep Train Arena (Sacramento Kings)

I have no idea what to say about this one? The word sleep should not be used in the same sentence as a sporting event. I know it’s the Kings, but c’mon man.

1) Arena (Phoenix Coyotes)

Have you ever heard of I surly haven’t. Then again, I am not looking for jobs, as I have my blogging career. But seriously, anything with .com in it should be banned from stadium names. I also love the irony of the name as well, too funny.