To start off, what a great game last night, yes it was a blowout, but it was also the most entertaining and electric game on television last night, blowing away the Islanders/Penguins game and the Wild/Blackhawks game. Actually, now that I think about it, this may have been the most entertaining series thus far.

Last night however, the Canadiens were totally dominated, straight from the initial puck drop. They were out skated, how muscled, out skilled, everything but out shot and to be perfectly honest that is how it was all series. The Habs just looked, at times to have no life in them, kind of going through the motions. Not sure if that was because they took their opponent lightly from the start or something else, but it was noticeable from a fans perspective. Ottawa was the true underdog in this series and they played like the underdog, that’s really what it boils down too.

Not to mention it was a tale of two goalies. Ottawa had the red hot Craig Anderson between the pipes, who had to make several key stops throughout the night, while going onto save 33/34. Meanwhile, in the other net was Peter Budaj, who was getting his first start in net this series after Carey Price went down with what appeared to be a sniper shot wound to the lower body (still TBD). Long story short, Budaj played like a Bantam A/B goalie. His nerves were thru the roof, he was shaky from the start, the first shot he saw was a goal, not a good way to start the game. I’m sure if you polled the Habs fans in the building last night, they would have been willing to put in Swiss Cheese instead of Budaj, just an overall poor showing from Peter last night.

Ottawa on the other hand, was playing lights out, thouroughly out playing the Canadiens last night and through the whole series really. Rookie Cory Conacher, had a stellar performance and the rest of the Sens were anchored by their seasoned vets and netminder.

The highlight of Montreal’s night and I am sure for their fellow contingency was P.K Subban’s absolute snipe, top shelf from the point. At the time, that looked like a goal that was going to swing the momentum the Habs way going into the 2nd period, however, they failed to seize that moment.

In essence, the series can be summed up by one video (seen below). The full line brawl of these two teams, 4 nights before in game 3. This is essentially a metaphor for how the series played out, just total domination by the Senators on all fronts, to much for the Habs to overcome.

Hey Montreal! You just got Walrused, woof!


Full video recap: