Coming in hot indeed. El Perro Grande posted a blog last week regarding his previous 2 arrests in 15 hours time. Now we have his 3rd arrest in a matter of a week. In terms of being arrested, I would say Titus’ game is at an unreal level, I think we could label him a professional at this point and it appears he is stepping up his game as well, kudos Titus:

When officers arrived at the home, Young fled on foot, and after a brief pursuit, he fought with the officers, [Orange County Police Officer Lt. Joe] Balicki said Sunday.

“There was a brief struggle,” he said. “He wanted to fight with the deputies. They ended up subduing him.

Not gonna lie, but his mug shots keep getting better and better. Is there anything Titus can’t do? Football player; check. Arrested 3 times in a week; check. Killing his mugshots; double check.

Here we have his 1st and 2nd mugshots from last week:


Photo credit: AP

Now we have this gem piece: (Not sure if he is wearing a tank top (aka wife beater) or maroon overalls, tough to tell.)


via Orange County Sheriff’s Department