For those of you who didn’t tune into the Players Championship final round yesterday, it was nothing short of epic. Golfers entered the day, with 3 atop the leader board at -11, including Tiger Woods, followed close behind with 3 golfers at 10 under, including Sergio Garcia, this went onto create an unreal showdown the last 5 holes, with Tiger Woods prevailing as the victor.

If you happen to live under a rock or just simply don’t follow golf, you probably missed the verbal altercation or should I say, ‘war of words’ between Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia following Saturday’s round 3. Below is the video, but to sum it up, Sergio is essentially whining/complaining about Tiger indirectly making noise on Garcia’s backswing via the crowd. Sounds absurd, I know. It may be been one of the weakest complaints I have ever heard come from a golfer. Essentially blaming your fellow competitor for your ineptitude.

Anyways, here is the video of the verbal attack from Sergio, followed by the Tiger Woods rebuttal:

The funny part is, this whole altercation if you will, sits second fiddle to what happened yesterday on essentially the last 2 holes of the day, holes 17 and 18.

To give a little pre-face to what happened prior to this, Tiger was essentially in the midst of his own micro-collapse, after giving up his 2 stroke lead at -14, to dropping back to being tied with the rest of the field at -12, giving Sergio and the rest of the golfers a chance to overtake Tiger and take the lead.

And that’s when Sergio, in the lat group of the day, reaches hole #17 and here is what develops:

Talk about a collapse of the decade huh? Quadruple bogey on 17 was the absolute dagger, the double on 18 was the coup de grace. Now I know I am saying this from a chair comfortably in my own home, but I am 200% positive, Sergio crushed under pressure. Not from the pressure of coming in 1st, but from the pressure of placing ahead of Tiger. At that moment on 17, his only goal, the only thing on his mind, was beating Tiger and he crushed under that pressure.

I mean what else would cause a professional golfer, to go for the same exact shot, with the same exact club on 17 just seconds after he tanked one into the pond? No one in their right mind would try that, just all around stupidity on Garcia’s part all in spit of Tiger. Lets face it, Sergio opened his mouth and took a bite out of something to big and in this case it was Tiger.

Sergio appears to be used to taking to big of bites

Sergio appears to be used to taking too big of bites

And at the end of the day Tiger Woods walks away victorious and I am sure, with a huge smirk on his face. Because not only did he win the tournament, he is winning in life right now. It’s just a good year to be Tiger.

Any parting shots from Sergio? Ohh looks like he had this to say:

(not yesterday or this tourney, but applicable)

(not yesterday or this tourney, but applicable)