There has been a growing trend that I noticed that I have decided to write about. I imagine most of the viewers of this blog have been watching this years playoffs, NBA or NHL, doesn’t really matter. And I’m sure a lot of you have been drawn to the stars on the teams, ya know, like that LeBron James guy, or that Sidney Crosby guy (term used very loosely). I’m also doubly sure that if you’ve been watching these games you’ve noticed that these stars are softer than butter sitting in direct sunlight. These players, some of the best in the world, are diving like they’re trying out for an Olympic swim team. Gonzo did a nice GIF post of the this video, and yes, I know, Mohammed is big guy, but if you watch closely LeBron actually propels himself backwards. And this isn’t LeBron’s first offense, need some examples? Below is a video of LeBron James flopping around like a fish out of water from last years playoff series against the Knicks.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. LeBron James is 6’8 250 pounds and he goes down like a sack of potatoes. If he wants to truly be the “King” he’s gonna need to step up his game. I YouTubed Michael Jordan flops, and…well…I found nothing. Go back even further and it was expected that you’d get hit going to the rim. But now players are diving all over the place, a la Chris Bosh:

Actually to be fair, Bosh kinda fell and a bad call was made, although he was searching for a foul pretty quick. But it’s not just the NBA that has a mess to clean up. Stars in the NHL have also taken to hitting the ice at inappropriate times. Here’s an older video of Sid the Kid taking a spill:

Now I’m a little too young to know much about the good ole days of sports, when men were men and more than likely you had to be white, but I’ve seen the footage, the stars of that era and trust me, diving for a penalty was the last thing on their mind. Sure Gretzky always got the calls, but he didn’t pull drama queen maneuvers. Look at Bobby Orr, arguably the next best player behind Gretzky, here’s a video montage of him kicking ass, something Crosby won’t do:

Although speaking of the Bruins, they’ve really turned into quite the dive team now, contrary to what their coach thinks:

Long story short, players need to man up, there’s ample video proof of flopping and diving and honestly, it makes the sports look bad, especially when the stars are doing int. If only there were more Ron Hextalls out there, the world would be a better place.

-El Perro Grande