New York City is a great place for life, and especially sports, and even more specifically baseball. The Yankees and the Mets have called NYC home for many a year. And for the past couple of years, this year being no different, the only two commonalities these two teams share is the city.

I could get into a whole breakdown of just how messed up the Mets are, just somewhere file it away that Jason Bay and Bobby Bonilla are the highest paid outfielders for the Mets this season. Following the trading of knuckleballer extrodinaire and Mount Kilimanjaro climber R.A. Dickey, de facto ace Johan Santana, he of the mega deal, he of the only no-no in Mets history announced that he would be needing shoulder surgery and would miss the whole season (yeah, he’s still owed $31 million too). But that didn’t stop the mighty mighty Mets as they jumped out to a hot start, winning 6 of their first 10, including an 11-2 home opening win. People got excited, maybe this was it! Maybe this was the year! Matt Harvey was pitching well, even becoming NL player of the week, mega prospect Zack Wheeler is waiting in the wings, Flushing was excited. And then the the ship Wrighted (in a few seconds you’ll get the pun) itself. Injuries destroyed the Mets rotation, John Buck, who had been tearing the cover off the ball cooled down (who would’ve thought) Ike Davis, who is the clean-up hitter (um) is hitting .169 and the overall the team is hitting a stunning .227. Scary to think what would happen if Wright wasn’t hitting almost .300. Actually, things have gotten so bad, that Rick Ankiel started the first day he was signed, and Ankiel was dropped by Houston…HOUSTON. But Zack Wheeler is almost ready! Wrong again Mr. Met, Wheeler has been shut down due to shoulder pain. And to top if all off, the only exciting player, Jordany “I don’t wear a cup” Valdespin has gone off the deep end. It’s okay Mr. Met, just hop on the subway…

It’ll be okay Mr. Met (via)

Because the other New York team is on fire. The season didn’t get off to a great start, future hall of famer, Derek Jeter, who was injured during the playoffs last year and Alex Rodriguez who underwent a hip surgery started on the injured list. But hey, they can manage, pitching staff looks good, but soon the two stars were shortly accompanied by Michael Pineda (who has done everything but pitch). But hey we’re all good, check again, as if it couldn’t get any worse, almost simultaneously the heart of the Yankee lineup, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira were hit by the good ole injury bug. Granderson with a broken forearm and Tex with some sort of strange  wrist injury. Granderson returned yesterday, although Tex did toss a ball with Prince Harry….in Harlem. Literally adding insult to injury Kevin Youikillis and Eduardo Nunez, both replacements, have gone down. The Yankees lineup would look great if this was 2006, with Vernon Wells and Jayson Nix. Unfortunately the game has passed them by…or has it? Using some strange voodoo black magic, Wells is hitting .300 and Overbay .256, although he has added his fair share of clutch hits. Hell, even Travis Hafner has chipped in 6 home runs, until the shoulder tendonitis attacked him. All of this and the Yankees are sitting in first place in the AL East and The Yankees, currently sitting in first place in the AL East and are tied for the best record in the AL

CC is happy, which is good, cause he will eat you (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Whatever Joe Girardi is doing (and in a contract year might I add) it’s working, whatever Terry Collins is doing…well…it’s not working. There’ an old saying that someone can fall in shit and still come out clean, and it looks like the Yankees are following that adage, and the Mets should start paying attention. As DiCaprio said in Catch Me If You Can, maybe it’s “’cause the other teams can’t stop staring at those damn pinstripes.”

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-El Perro Grande