So my blog posts are going to come in sporadic bunches for the next couple of weeks, kinda like how Alex Rodriguez hits homeruns. So if this upsets you, sorry, but you’re an adult, deal with it. Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you loyal readers saw the Bryce Harper incident…if not has provided the video below ever so graciously:

Now Bryce hits that wall hard. You can see he tried to stop, if you can’t watch the video again, right before checked the score of the Braves game he breaks stride. It’s pretty obvious that he misjudged the distance, nay, the existence of the wall, but damn Bryce that’s gotta hurt.  One set of commentators talk about possible spleen issues, I’d be more concerned with a concussion. He hit that thing and his head snapped (also if you look close I think I see a little blood spray, kinda cool) back real fast. His reaction on hitting the ground didn’t really show he was all that with it either, and if you read his lips you can see he’s asking the trainer if he made the play…No Bryce, you didn’t, you tried to eat a wall.

The Washington Nationals claim that he doesn’t have a concussion, but does feel nauseous. Hey, I ain’t no doctor, and I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I can tell you one thing, he’s concussed. Not only does he look like President Bush talking about…uh…anything, he’s nauseous. HELLO DOCTOR OBVIOUS, if you WebMD this shit you’d clearly see he’s got a concussion. I know, you don’t want the MLB crackin’ down and making fielders wear helmets like my slightly handicapped neighbor, but hey, it is what it is, he’s concussed. Expect to see him go down with rib tendonitis or an inflamed glut muscle.

And just to top it all off, Tim Brown, a Yahoo Expert (draw your own conclusions) wrote a column titled, “Bryce Harper vows to play as relentless as ever, and what’s not to like about that?“. As Tim says somewhere in that article “he’d be criticized for trying to make a play when it would have been safer, easier, fully understandable, if he’d pulled up and taken the ball off the wall” clearly not watching the video, young Bryce did slow down. He fully intended to play it off the wall, if the wall was back another 20 feet. Instead he was going far too fast, I mean, I’ve seen people hit walls before but man, he hit the wall.

Going forward, I just hope the Nationals don’t make a mistake and put him back in the game. He came off looking like he just got his wisdom teeth out, take a page out the NFL’s playbook (I AM FULL OF PUNS) and sit the kid before he steps into the batters box and sees three balls coming at him.


-El Perro Grande