Well folks, the man whose Wikipedia page has it’s own arrests sections has announced his retirement. Nono, I’m not talking about Titus Young Sr., I’m talking about Rolando McClain. McClain, the 8th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft has had a troubling career. After getting drafted by the Raiders, he put up some decent numbers his rookie year. Although not anywhere near first round draft status, his 2nd season saw his stats pick up a little more and in the 15 games he played he had 99 combined tackles and 5 sacks. Additionally, his second season saw him start collecting another stat…arrests. Minimal stats, and arrests, he was doing what most Oakland draft picks do…bust.

That’s his I beat the charge face (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

His first arrest came while on leave to attend his grandfather’s funeral, McClain was arrested on numerous charges including assault and a firearms charge…classy. He would serve some time in jail, but the victim then suddenly changed their mind and Rolando made it out just in time for the 2012 season. Okay, everyone makes mistakes, he’s young, things happen, but that little scare will push him for a new life right? Wrong.

He actually seems happier getting arrested than playing… (Photo Credit AP)

McClain would get suspended during the 2012 season following a heated conversation with head coach Dennis Allen after Allen kicked him out of practice. WHAT? That happens after high school football? Look, I remember one time when a player and my high school coach had an argument and the coach told him to leave. The kid left, but did so quietly and respectfully, next day he apologized profusely and felt like a real ass. These guys are professional, if you’re going to the extent to get kicked out of practice I feel like you’ve done a lot wrong. After this, it was pretty clear that Oakland didn’t want to to bring McClain back.

And on January 8th, 2013 McClain kinda finished their decision. He was arrested in Decatur, Alabama (same place as his last arrest) for giving a false name. Reportedly after being pulled over for an illegal window tint, he tried to convince officers he was someone else, because a 6’4 250 pound NFL linebacker who has already been arrested can easily avoid detection. Guarantee that officer pulled a Dennis Green when he ran that fake name.

The Raiders released him, but after signing with the Ravens it looked like his career was turning around. Hey, he’s 23 years old, the Ravens have a great support system, I mean RayRay wasn’t exactly a clean guy, he can do this. That is until April 21st…where, in Decatur, Alabama (aka McClain’s kryptonite) he was again arrested. This time for shouting obscenities at police officers and resisting arrest.

Luckily, as Andrew Brandt tweeted:

And to counter his claim that well had dried up, Aaron Wilson was nice enough to inform us that he’ll be okay:

At 23, McClain has more arrests (3) than interceptions (1) but, I think he comes back to the NFL eventually. That said he’s gotta deal with the demons that have been haunting him. Keep your head down, get through life and for God’s sake stay the hell out of Decatur. You’ve got an opportunity that almost every kid in the United States would love to have, Rolando don’t blow it.

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-El Perro Grande