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So Robert Griffin III is getting married this summer and naturally he and his fiancee, like all soon to be couples, put a gift registry onto Bed Bath & Beyond. Somehow, some crazy stalker fan(s) found said gift registry and have now begun buying his listed gifts for him. This was publicized, by RGIII, when he Tweeted out a picture of himself basking in the piles of boxes and gifts the fans have already bought for the couple.

Naturally of course there are quite a number of ‘haters’, who are now bashing RGIII for accepting the weddings gifts from his loyal fans.

Some of the hate Tweets are along these lines:

RGIII quickly Tweeted a rebuttal to all of the hate, by saying this:

“Debbie Downer” is one of the most underutilized phrases of the year

To be honest, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It’s not like RGIII asked all of these people to send in gifts, he probably wasn’t even expecting people/fans to find his registry to begin with. And that brings me to my second point. If people want to spend their own money on a millionaires weddings gifts, let them. They clearly, have the disposable income to be able to spend money on someone else’s weddings gifts, so who are you to tell them they are wrong.

Thirdly, the people saying Robert and his wife should not accept the gifts and should donate them to charity, that it’s tacky and un-rolemodel like to accept these, are assholes. Do you think all of these people clamoring for him to donate these, would do the same themselves if they were in his shoes? For sure not. It’s called being humble and appreciative. It’s like when my great grandma gives me some pajama pants for Christmas, that I will never wear once. Do I run to the Salvation Army and drop them off the next day? No, I take them and put them at the bottom of my dresser where the sun don’t shine, because it’s the right thing to do. Same goes for RGIII situation.

But enough with the ethical aspect of this whole situation. What I care about is the actual registry itself.

The damn thing is 3 pages long. Not only that, but they are asking for everything but the kitchen sink. There is practically a whole page specifically for towels. To be precise, they want 32 different sets of towels and they want them in every color in the UV spectrum. Apparently, my two white shower towels is so yesterday.

Also don’t worry guys, someone already bought him his $399.99 KitchenAid 5-Quart Tilt-Head Designer Series Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl in Candy Apple Red no less.

But seriously, they have asked for everything, literally everything. They asked for more kitchen supplies and utensils then I have money in my bank account. Like are they currently living in a cardboard box and have none of this? Or is a wedding just an excuse to be able to get everything new that you could possibly want.

P.S. I call dibbs on buying his Deluxe Potato Cutter