Ah the Memorial Cup… highlighting young stars, and also…some awful singing. For those who missed it here, here’s the video of Alexis Normand “singing” the Star Spangled Banner before the Portland-Halifax game:

Little video breakdown time, Ms. Normand started strong, until the first slip up at about 30 second mark. She recovers though…for about 5 words, and the just flat out forgets the words. If you listen closely at about the minute mark, you can hear someone in the audience say “no”, but she trudges along. Really only hitting “and the bombs bursting in air” at this point the audience realizes she’s floundering and helps her finish strong. Chalk it up to nerves, or that she’s Canadian, but man was that bad. However, good work Ms. Normand for sticking it out, basically pretending nothing happened, I would’ve just dropped the mic and walked out.

-El Perro Grande