Everyone knows about the tornado that ripped through the town of Moore, OK, but some may have missed the news regarding Oklahoma City’s star player Kevin Durant donating $1 million dollars to the relief fund. That’s the backstory. An amazing gesture from Durant and should have been left at that.

However, today Darren Rovell fired off this tweet:

And that brings up the question. Is there any person worse in the Twitter universe, than Darren ‘Douchebag’ Rovell? I am honestly having trouble thinking of anyone that’s on the same level as Rovell. Hey Darren! How much did you donate?

Was it really that hard for Darren to simply acknowledge Durant’s act of kindness, by saying something such as, a straightforward “Thank You”? Or something along the lines of “Well done, class act”?

But nope, he has to go and crunch his numbers, act like he graduated Harvard with a Ph. D in Advanced Statistics. Making Durant seem like a bad guy. Basically insinuating that Durant is only donating what is essentially pocket change for a player making millions a year.

I began the day with almost zero respect for Mr. Rovell. I ended the day with absolutely zero respect for Rovell. A low and classless tweet no matter which way you look at it. And unfortunately, this will all blow over in less than a day.