I love these videos, not sure why, but I just do. This one in particular is a gem. No, not because of the catch, because if anything the catch is a 2.5 out of 10 on the impressive scale. Regardless of the fact that he had a child in his hand. Long story short is I don’t care about the actual catch.

The part I love, is the kids reaction or lack thereof. The kid has zero idea what the hell is going on, presumably he had too many sips of dad’s 14 dollar man can of Coors Light. Or, the kid just took a huge #2, I’m leaning for the latter. It has been many years since I have shit myself, but I can recognize that “I just shit myself face” a mile away and this kid is 100% sporting that face.

P.S. What’s with the keys on the belt loophole? Is that the new thing to do? What are we a janitor? Keys must be left securely inside your pocket at all times. Free life lesson for everyone right there.


Action begins around the :23 second mark.