Philip? Out of all possible names one could choose, Derek picked Philip? That’s mind boggling. Also, who is he trying to kid here? Judging by the sanitation code letter on the window (which is typically found in NYC), I’m under the assumption he is in New York City or at least New York? Am I wrong? Anyways, if he is in NY or NYC, I legitimately don’t think there is one person who doesn’t know what Derek Jeter looks like. So telling the Starbucks Barista your names is Philip, when you are clearly Derek Jeter is borderline dumb, but I respect it.

However, that brings up a new point. Using your real name at Starbucks is so overrated. In fact, I believe using your real name is frowned upon and just proves to the world you have zero creativity. When I go to Starbucks and order my ‘Grande Iced Vanilla Latte’, I never use my real name, never. My common go to name alias, is Marco. Sometimes I throw in a Vladimir or Manti. The point being is you always must use a different name. If you use your real name, I don’t want to know you as a person. Plain and simple