First off I think it’s appropriate to start you off with the backstory to this one, to you know, give you a little idea of what’s going on, incase the picture wasn’t enough.

This guy has his MacBook, iPad, and iPhone in the front row at the Marlins game. When security asked him to put it away he demanded that he had a Constitutional right to free speech that protected him. After arguing for a full inning with security, they relented. Then he gloated by waving his laptop around with the phone still attached, which could have been painful if anyone attended Marlins games. –from eye witness

There is so much to write about this picture, I have zero clue on where to begin. The funniest part about this picture and whole little constitutional argument is the fact that the Miami Marlins are arguing with a fan. First things first, we already know the Marlins don’t have fans, so arguing with presumably the one and only fan in the stadium is a bit harsh don’t you think? Like who is he hurting? There is probably not another fan in sight for the next 10 sections.

Secondly, how his he keeping all of these powered? I can barley keep my iPhone alive for more than a half a day. I can’t even imagine the struggle of keeping my MacBook, iPhone and iPad all alive in a 4 hour game. That in and of itself is pure dedication on his part, got to give him that.

Ohh and I’m so sick of everybody using the free speech and 1st Amendment argument. Everyone acting like they are James Madison or Benjamin Franklin and were there in Philadelphia signing the Constitution. If you are going to get into a lawful argument, be original and come up with another source for your argument.