So I am sure, many of our avid readers have probably noticed, we have added a new member, if you will, to our bloggers lineup. He will be going by the name of The Black Pearl. He will be our resident expert in any and all things golf related. However, he is a man of many talents and his skills go far beyond the realm of golf. So don’t be surprised if you see a hockey blog from him here or there. That being said, he is an Ottawa Senators fan (I laughed too, don’t worry), so feel free to chirp him hard regarding the Sens. If he could handle a 7-3 shellacking of the Sens the other night, then he can handle a couple chirps from the Internet trolls.

And you are probably saying, hey guys, how come you put a water jug and cartoon mustache over his face? Well that’s because we like to be incognito. The last thing we want is for the worldwide web to internet stalk us, while we are trying to get up on our feet and take over the world of blogging, kind of a big deal you know?

Want to know why The Black Pearl is our expert golf writer? Just take a look at the swing below. So silky smooth it’s unbelievable.


P.S. I’m sure The Black Pearl will be writing a follow up blog, letting you know a little more about himself. And eventually El Perro Grande and myself will do a revealing.