Finally, something worth watching, something, somewhat entertaining happened at a soccer match. Even if it’s a grown man, stripping off his shorts and wearing them as a hat. It’s the most exciting event to happen in a soccer (futbol) match ever.

I love the fact, that he wore his shorts has a hat too. That fad has really faded and to be honest it’s time for it to come back. I remember I used to do this all the time as a kid, felt so rebellious, yet so free at the same time. It’s a power move of epic proportions.

Also, is he not wearing spandex? Are those whitey tighties? If he is wearing spandex, that’s the most short and tight fitting spandex I have ever seen. So it makes me think it has to be whitey tighties right? If that’s the case, I am literally speechless. At a total loss for words. Whitey tighties, is a biggest no-no in my book. Not even up for debate.

Oh and can someone tell me what teams and language this is? It writes like Spanish, but doesn’t sound like Spanish. Is it Portuguese? Then there are comments in Arabic or Hebrew or whatever other Middle Eastern language and for the life of me I can not tell where or who these teams are.


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