There are many sports that come to mind that shouldn’t even been deserved to be called sports.

Synchronized Swimming, under water basket weaving, ha-key sack, and there are too many others to name. But the one that takes home the trophy, is NASCAR…. I am not talking about the Indy races or any of the other races where you take more than just the same turn.

Yes, I understand that getting drunk and watching NASCAR is a blast, but come to think of it what isn’t fun when you are drunk? I for one haven’t found anything.

The only thing I can stand to watch are the crashes (so long as no one dies)

Yes, you do see alot of girls at NASCAR events  probably because it’s the only “sport” they can understand. Seriously like all you need to know, is how to drive fast and how to take left turns. Also, who the fuck wants to watch 600 fucking laps of the God damn same thing?  The only thing that breaks up this mind numbing fun, are the pit stops… oh great I can see how fast someone can change tires…. that really gets my blood pumping.

This is probably the most athletic thing I have seen at NASCAR race.

All in all NASCAR is a waste of gas. How about we save the gas and maybe lower gas prices?…Just a thought.

-The Black Pearl