In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, I have decided to make a little list, of the best lawn games. I’m not talking about Hide-N-Go Seek, not talking about kickball or wiffelball, nope none of those. I’m talking games specifically that were invented for your lawn and sole purpose was for todays or weekends such as Memorial Day or July 4th or BBQ’s etc,. 

These are in no particular order, however, probably will be in order of my preference.’


Ladder Ball400px-Ladder_golf

Ladderball or sometimes called ladder golf (only hippies call it ladder golf), is a classic lawn game. As of recent times it has made a huge splash in the lawn game business. Easy to set up, easy scoring, easy play (even girls can understand it and play) make ladderball a instant classic. Whether it’s at the beach or tailgating you are always sure to have a grand ol’ time. The one con of ladderball is it gets really boring really quickly, especially if you are good at it. No amount of beer or booze can make this game fun after 30 minutes. But the 29 minutes before, ladderball is A+ fun.

Bocce Ball:

Bocce Ball GrassBocce-Ball

Bocce ball is interesting on several fronts. For one it’s combing the likes of horseshoes, shuffleboard, and marbles, which creates one hell of a game. No set up required, makes it anyone can play and anywhere as long as there is grass or dirt. Old people love this shit, nothing better than playing a little bocce ball with gramps and watching him struggle to throw/roll the ball 10 ft. Plus you get to listen to all of their Vietnam stories and listen to them compare the Bocce Ball to a grenade or some wild stuff like, fun indeed.  Downside to this game, is playing it while hammered drunk is probably not a good combination. Bocce ball to your friends dome piece or his Bocce balls is never fun. 

Kan Jam:

kan-jam-025 HowToPlayInstructional








Ahh Kan Jam, love this game. This one is more of college student game, so if you have never heard of it that’s why and it’s usually a beach game as well. But playing it on the yard is a no brainer and just as fun. A bit more rules with this one, so takes girls longer to figure it out why the hell they are supposed to be doing. Also, this game is a bit more competitive than the rest of the lawn games, which make Kan Jam and drinking a great combo. I don’t even think it’s possible to not drink and play Kan Jam, just can’t do it. Set up, while easy, is also a pain in the ass. Specifically with storage. Nothing worse than having to carry and store these huge, garbage cans in your dorm room. 


These are my top 3. I’m expecting great controversy to come out of this and I’ll welcome it with open arms. Croquet is a pain in the ass to set up and all I eventually end up doing is using the stick to slapshot the ball around the lawn at people. Cornhole is a terrible game, un-winable. As for horseshoes, the is the 21st century. Grow up. Horseshoes is lame.

Think I missed one? Did I leave out your favorite lawn game? Comment below or drop us an angry email. Or Tweet at us like a man for the world to see.