Benchwarmers Sports Blog, typically is your go to place to keep you updated on all things sports with an added side of humor. However, just because we are always funny, doesn’t mean we don’t have a heart or can’t be serious. This is one of those times where we are 100% serious.

Today, thousands of runners came together to run that final last mile and finally were able to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon. One thing is for certain, you may be able to knock America down with a cheap shot, but there is not a chance in Hell that we will not bounce back up onto our feet and come back twice as strong. The City of Boston, Boston Police and Fire Departments, the nurses and doctors, the runners and bystanders, the collective nation as a whole, has proved that theory. We are not just Boston Strong. We are America Strong.

Dominick Reuter /Reuters /Landov

Dominick Reuter /Reuters /Land | Jessica Rinaldi | Jessica Rinaldi

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