So thanks to Gonzo’s amazing idea, I will be doing the top 3 golf movies of all time in the same way he is doing it. To start off these are the honorable mentions in no order.

Tin Cup:

This movie and like the other honorable mention are both very close to cracking the top 3.  Tin Cup has very many memorable quotes and an ending that definitely has a different ending then most movies.

Any hack golfer has been caught doing this to knock it a putt.  I for one have seen Gonzo do it on multiple occasions, it’s his go to move.

They have the perfect bad guy in this movie, he is the perfect example of a douche.

If you are like every other golfer in the world, you have gotten the “S” word.  Don’t say it because it’s bad luck and once you get it. It’s hard to get rid of. I can guarantee you that a lot of golfers tried this to get rid of the “S” word.

So if you haven’t seen the movie then don’t read or watch this.  This part comes at the end where Roy is playing in the U.S open and he has a chance to win it coming into the last hole. The hole is a par 5 and he decides to try and go for it instead of laying up. He hits ball after ball into the water until finally….

Great ending to a great movie, definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. Also its a very cool coincidence that Roy McAvoy is pretty close to Rory Mcllroy.

The Legend of  Bagger Vance:

Legend of bagger vance ver2.jpg

This movie is a little more serious of a movie than the others, but still a good movie regardless.

First of all, Will Smith is in this, so it already makes this movie amazing, because he is the fucking man, second it’s a golf movie, it has no other choice than to be great.

This movie is also kinda for the history junkies, you like seeing movies about the old greats like Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen.

This is also a movie that is pretty emotional, so if your girlfriend/wife/prostitute or whatever you bring home wants to watch a romantic movie, pop this one in and enjoy. I can tell you it’s a hell of a lot better than any of that Twilight and Notebook crap.

So those are some honorable mentions I will becoming out with #3 tomorrow at some point so stay tuned, also our followers input is always welcome even if its wrong….

-The Black Pearl