So I am doing this a little differently than I normally would with any other list. Rather than simply list them all at once, in descending order and have a one time blog post about it, I decided to change things up. I am going to do one blog a day, until I reach the number 1 hockey movie of all time. So for example, today I’ll be blogging about the honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut, then tomorrow will be #3 and so on and so forth. You are probably asking why the hell I am doing it this way, well this way I can build up some anticipation and get readers to come back the next day. It’s all about page views, read about it.

So without further ado, I begin with the honorable mentions (in no particular order). It’s not that these two movies are not good, because they were, they just didn’t have what it takes to make the top 3.

Mighty Ducks 2:


Listen, I am on the record as stating that I hate sequels and trilogies and all of that shit movie companies do these days, but one of the best sequels in the game of sports movies was MD2. You simply can not go wrong with the Mighty Ducks, all 3 movies are roll on the floor laughter. Perhaps, I have some bias here, in part because I grew up with these movies and they are such a large part of my childhood, just as much as Santa Clause was. But bias or no bias, there is no debating the fact the The Mighty Ducks was the best set of hockey movies in the 90’s. A movie that single handily created the knuckle-puck.

The Flying-V. An American staple.


The goalie! Noooo! And it’s a knuckle-puck. By the way, the knuckle-puck is so hard to master. Knuckle-puck so hot right now.

Perhaps one of the best scenes in the movie. Shut up Avermen

“This is your Bar Mitzvah Goldberg, today you will become a man”

The Bash-Brothers. Best Duo in sports




Goon. One of the very select few hockey comedy movies that is actually funny. And not only is it just funny, it’s downright hilarious. So many classic lines created in this movie. Now sure how the fuck it only made 6.9 million dollars at the box office, what the hell went on there? That being said, if you are looking for a great comedy and enjoy hockey, this movie is for you. Hint, grab a couple cold ones (that’s beers for you idiots) and sit back with the guys in the man cave and pop this puppy in. You can not go wrong.

What’s so fucking funny gigglybits? You fucking Chernobyl motherfuckers…..classic one two punch of a line.

This scene is downright hilarious, probably NSFW though.

tumblr_m92akl3lmM1qelb7ro1_500 7qHWS

“If you’re brothers then its gay with a fucking dash of something else”


P.S. And before everyone starts having a heart attack, The Mighty Ducks 3 would have made the honorable mention list if only I extended it to 3 honorable mentions versus 2. The fact of the matter is the Might Ducks 3 was great, but in no way is it worthy of being on the same list as the Mighty Ducks 2 or Goon, they are on two totally different levels.

Now remember, tomorrow I will be discussing the #3 hockey movie of all time, so stay tuned.

Think I royally fucked up the honorable mention list? Drop a comment of hate and I might respond.