You know what is absolutely mind numbing? The fact that every single media outlet does everything in their power to not cover streakers or these idiots anymore. It’s mind boggling. Yes, I understand the whole, we don’t want to condone these action and give these people the national attention they are seeking, blah blah blah. Fuck that.

Streakers and idiots that rush the field are some of the best free entertainment one can witness. The fans love it, television audiences love it, the players and coaches love it, hell everybody loves it. The only people that hate it with a passion, are the security guards or police officers that have to chase these clowns. That’s probably because they are then forced to run, something the vast majority of them have not done in some time. Plus the fact that they typically always end up getting embarrassed, like the officer in this video. If I was that officer, I would want all of this evidence burned and then I would announce my early retirement and go into hiding. The harassment at work and around the house after this must be brutal.

I mean look at this poor guy, he just got cuckold…



Secondly, I respect this guy for attempting to steal the rosin bag. I’ve said it once and I will say it again. If you are going to rush the field fully clothed, you must do something noteworthy. You simply can’t just run around. So either you steal the rosin bag, steal one of the bases, hug a player, do snowangels in the outfield or attempt to escape. Any of those work fine for me, moral of the story is you have to do something to stand out and at least get internet famous once all is said and done. Since you are going to jail regardless, might as well go big or go home as they say and by home, I mean jail.

And for the record, rushing the field during a baseball game is on my bucketlist. Just have to wait ’till I’m old and don’t have to worry about listing the felony when I apply for a job. Not to mention, this one would kill two birds with one crime. Since spending a night in jail is also on my bucket list (for the experience). Win win in my book