Having two power houses of a sport play for a national championship can’t be beat.  This lacrosse game didn’t disappoint. If you have never watched a game of lacrosse, this was a good place to start.  The passing, movement, and skill is outstanding in all aspects.  Even though Duke was ranked 7th, they are one of the teams where ranking doesn’t matter, they will always be good, same can be said for Cuse.

Here are a couple highlights if you missed it.

One of the best players in the game is Duke’s Brendan Howler.  His face off percentage was through the roof, he won 20 of 28 face offs.  Duke went down early, but with Brendan winning those face offs really put them in control of the game. Also another big player to Duke’s success Jordan Wolf (with four goals), Josh Offit (with three goals), and Josh Dionne (also with three goals).

Lacrosse is one of American’s fastest growing sport, unfortunately pro lacrosse and college don’t get enough recognition.  It is high pace, with a lot of scoring, definitely one of the more interesting sports to watch.  In my honest opinion everybody should jump on the lacrosse bandwagon, you won’t regret it.

-The Black Pearl