Continuing on the other days blog, regarding the Top 3 Hockey Movies of All Time, I now have reached the #3 spot, the bronze medalist if you will. Sure, coming in 3rd place isn’t as good as 1st or even 2nd place. But to sneak into the 3 hole under Gonzo’s watch, is an act of valor and great accomplishment in and of itself.

Enough of me rambling, the 3rd best hockey movie of all time, goes to…

Slap Shot:












You want a instant classic? Slap Shot is the movie for you. I am not a huge old movie fan and to many, a movie that was filmed in that late 70’s is not old, but to me that’s ancient. However, it should be noted, I loved Slap Shot. Absolutely loved it. It was hilarious, it was gritty, it kept you in your seat wanting more. That’s something I respect, when it comes to movies, especially a hockey movie. And again, as I previously stated, I hate sequels, despise sequels. So you will not be seeing Slap Shot 2 or Slap Shot 3 on the rest of the list. Just can’t do it. Besides those sucked anyways, as is the case with most sequels.

He’s listening to the FUCKING SONG! —-Great line, simple, yet sophisticated.


This is my favorite scene in the whole movie. 2 minutes of pure laughter. I feel no shame.


Piss on old time hockey you’re blowing it!




This basically sums up the whole movie. Comedy, Action and Fighting, Hockey. Can’t get much better than this.