Being a Tampa Bay Rays fan, this story hit home a little bit for me. Not that I actually pay a lick of attention to the Rays prospects or their farm leagues, but it’s always comforting to know that we have some solid, and I mean solid pitching coming up in the not so distant future.

Most noticeably, we Mr. Joshua Sale here who was drafted #17th overall by the Rays in 2010 and is currently serving a 50-game  suspension testing positive for amphetamines. Now Sale, 21, is making it hail on strippers, yes you heard me right. He is literally making it hail on strippers. How do we know this? Well you see, Mr. Sale here, took it upon himself to share with the world the following Facebook status:


Listen, my strip club etiquette is not really up to snuff. I’ll admit that. Which is ironic, because Tampa has the most strip clubs in the world per capita and is often called the dubious “Strip Club Capital of the World”. However, it’s probably safe to say, that throwing 2 quarters, or 50 pennies at a stripper…err…I mean professional dancer, is probably not a good idea, just saying. I mean sure, he could have done worse, but this is pretty low.

And I typically don’t judge books by their covers, mainly because I don’t read books, but if Josh Sale was a book, 10 times out of 10 you will be judging him by his cover. I mean look at this scrub, looks like he just walked out of the local penitentiary, after 6 straight nights of hard drugs and binge drinking. As a Rays fan, I would be completely fine if they swept away the mess that is Josh Sale and dropped his ass like a sack of potatoes.



Also, who carries change around these days? Change is the anti-Christ to me. Absolutely hate change, just filling your pockets with 3 pound bricks. It smells, it’s dirty, the TSA steals mine, it’s thrown at dirty strippers the list goes on and on. Change sucks, end of my rant.