Listen, you may or may not have been able to tell from the general lack of knowledgable blogs, that I am a far cry from a basketball fan. In fact, neither myself, or our two other bloggers (El Perro Grande or The Black Pearl) are basketball fans either. However, that said, we are a Sports Blog, so when the people demand basketball news (which no has, no surprise really) we give them basketball news. We are by the people, for the people. And yes, I just threw in a Gettysburg Address reference, boom roasted.

In any case, was there a bigger snooze fest than the Spurs Grizzlies series? Like a legitimate question here, did anyone watch all 4 games? I’m pretty sure that would have been an impossible feat heroism, courage and all around valor. The fact of the matter is this; Brittney Griner’s, WNBA debut and the fact that she dunked twice, not only garnered more attention than this series, but I was also more entertained by it as well. That’s saying a lot. Just a total snooze fest. Hey Grizzlies, thanks for showing up and making it a fun practice. I would have loved to see the Thunder in it, especially after what OKC and the town of Moore, OK recently went through. Not only, would it have been a much better series, but the underlining story would have created national support for the Thunder. Bottom line is, a OKC Spurs series would have been 10 fold as exhilarating, possibly rivaling the Penguins vs Senators series.


But you want the recap, I’ll give you the recap.






Manu Ginobili going between Tayshaun Prince’s legs:


Tony Parker had this to say:

“I was 21 when I won my first one,” Parker said. “You think it’s easy and you’re going to go back every year. In 2007 we won our third one in five years, and you think it’s going to keep coming, and I’m 25, and six years goes by, and every year it gets tougher and tougher. … If we go all the way it’ll definitely be my favorite because it gets harder and harder.”