K guys, not real sure if eating glass is a sport, but if it ever makes it to the Olympics, this guy should be on England’s shortlist.

Sorry for Hyperlinking, but to embed you have to like actually own the site, and honestly, I can barely afford beer, which clearly gets priority.

So if you managed to make it through that, good on ya mate. Personally, I almost yuked halfway through, I mean my God, he chomps on that bulb like it was nobodies business. I mean, I get a small shard in my foot and I debate a trip to the hospital, meanwhile this dude eats that like I eat steak.

By the way, if that didn’t get you psyched here’s a video of that dude eating paint.

Actually ya know what, here’s his Facebook page, he’s got all sorts of videos on their, view at your leisure.

-El Perro Grande