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The International Olympic Committee cut down the list of eight sports hoping for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics to three today. Wrestling, softball/baseball and squash, will now compete for the final spot in the 2020 Olympics, that will be held by either Tokyo, Madrid or Istanbul. Both the host city and the final sport in, will be chosen at the IOC conference in September in Buenos Aires.

If you recall, wrestling was cut from the Olympics this past February and has since, caused a small uproar, from the likes of wrestling powerhouses, such as; Russia, Iran and the United States. This news came 4 years after baseball/softball was cut from the Olympics in 2008.


If you want my honest opinion as a professional blogger, this process of selection or vote, whatever it’s going to be is a no brainer. Out of the 3 choices, wrestling should be the clear and heavy favorite. Anything else and you are borderline delusional. If this was a horse race, the odds would be something like this: Wrestling: 1:1, Baseball/Softball: 26:1, Squash: 922:1. Like it’s o the point where this should not even be up for debate.

Wrestling as been an integral part of the Olympics since the ancient times and as early as 708 BC and has been part of he modern Olympic Games since its start in 1896. Wrestlings history in the Olympic games alone, should be enough to propel it to a unanimous vote in. The part that I don’t get for one second, is how can wrestling get kicked to the curb, but the likes of Synchronized Swimming, Synchronized Diving, Dressage, Slalom Canoeing, just to name a few, still be in the list of Olympic Games? Talk about mind boggling.

Baseball/Softball, while both solid sports and have my vote of approval, don’t even come close to contending with wrestling, not even close at all. One reason, is because internationally, both baseball and softball are world wide sports. You basically have the US, Japan and a select few Caribbean countries. Speaking on a international level, it’s not popular one bit, in comparison to say soccer, wrestling, track events, etc. Another major issue with baseball in particular, is you have the World Baseball Classic, which kind of eliminates the need for baseball to be in the Olympics. Same argument could be applied to soccer (futbol) and the FIFA World Cup.

Squash is a joke. Don’t even get me started with that one. If my 70 year old grandpa can play it, it doesn’t deserve a spot in the Olympics,especially not over the likes of wrestling and or baseball/softball.

So I have decided to put it up for vote. Our fellow followers are a smart bunch, and I figure if they come to a consensuses on the poll question, then the winner is an automatic bid into the Olympic Game list.