The past two game sevens the NHL has had, shows why the hockey playoffs are better than any others.  If you didn’t watch the game then you probably won’t see highlights of it on sports center because they show as much coverage of the NHL as Middle Eastern women shows skin.

If you aren’t that privy on other cultures that means none.

Detroit dominated for most of the game except for one bad change they otherwise played a really solid game.  Through out the game there was a lot of physical play  which makes hockey what it is. Maybe not a lot of fights but some big hits that set the tone for the hockey game.  A low scoring game seven with both goalies playing good, it can’t be beat.

So one of the most controversial plays in the game came late in the third where the Blackhawks looked to go up by a goal but was waved off because of the penalty behind the play.  I am totally fine with this call yes of course Blackhawks fan are going to complain if they didn’t score in OT, they probably will still complain but boo hoo.  They won get over it.

This whole series was a great one, with Blackhawks on the brink of elimination they battled back and won a series that they deserved to win in the first place.

So now the Western Conference and Eastern Conference finals are set. The  Penguins will roll the the bruins with there overwhelming offence and the Kings will upset the Blackhawks behind Quicks unreal performance thus far.  Don’t believe me just watch, I haven’t made a wrong pick yet, this is also my first time picking but thats besides the fact.

-The Black Pearl