Well its safe to say, Extreme Barbie Downhill Jeep Racing looks like one hell of a time. Not even sure if this a a real sport. For all I know it could just be a couple of Southern Folk drinking PBR all day and then deciding it was a good idea to canon bomb down a mountain in a Barbie PowerWheels. And if this is a sport, using the word sport very liberally,then count me in as saying this is my new favorite sport. Get this on ESPN ASAP. Anything to get Bron Bron off the damn TV is a win-win in my book.

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You know what would make this 1,000 times more entertaining than what it already is? Strap some drunk girls on this and give them a giant push and watch the hilarity ensue. Now that would be world class entertainment. It would be like the lingerie Football League on steroids.

For the record, I would love these jabroni’s to step up their game a go down the hill in one of these suckers. Remember these? Probably the hardest cars to control in my childhood years. Shit was always breaking my ankles and tipping over, or wheels getting stuck. You want me to be impressed? Get your grown ass into this and go down the damn mountain.