Last night in case you missed it or were simply unaware, the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee took place on ESPN. The event started promptly at 8 with 11 contenders, or should I say, spellers fighting for the top spot. Not really sure why, but I decided to Live Tweet the Spelling Bee, perhaps channeling my inner nerd, or  simply because I didn’t want to watch the Heat and the Pacers flop all over the court. The verdict is still out on why I was so enthralled with the Bee.

Regardless, the Bee was glued to your seat riveting and if you did not at least catch the last 30 minutes of it, I don’t want to know you as a person.

I started off the night by making a real bold prediction. Yes, I was gambling on the Spelling Bee, yes I feel ashamed too. Anyways, I did all the research, literally all the research. Combed through the backgrounds of all these kids, checked their genetics, their country of origin, the definition of their last name. Everything you could imagine, I checked. I also checked the Vegas bookies take on the Bee and low and behold they had my boy Syamantak Payra at a 5-2 odds winning it all. Not the favorite, but not one to be overlooked. So I took my chances and my $10 and put it on young Payra here.

Long story short, I missed the first maybe 35 minutes of the Bee, while I was at my Intramural Soccer thingy. I come back all pumped up to see my boy Syamantak do well and that’s where the problem begins. I kept missing the names being shown on the screen, so I could never tell who Syamantak was. It also didn’t help that all of their names sounded the damn same, so it took me about 40 minutes to realize Syamantak was no longer in the competition. Not only was he no longer in the competition, but he was the first person out. What a let down from the 5-2 here. For all I know, he got out on the first word of the night, embarrassing for me to say the least.

The highlight of the Bee came when the cameras caught some guy using binoculars in the stands:


Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. Like was he even remotely serious with the binos? Who does he think he is? Sandusky Jr.? It’s to the point, where I have to force myself to think that he is doing it as a joke, no other way that is real life.

Arvind Mahankali went on to win the Bee in surprising upset over the heavily outgunned Pranav Sivakumar. At this point I was actually rooting for Sriram Hathwar, the only kid left in the finals who did not dress up. Not only didn’t he dress up, but he wore a horizontal striped tee shirt. That just goes to show how cocky he was, total boss move on his part.

Anyways, Arvind won it all and like a nerd that he is, simply had no idea what to do when the confetti rained down. Taking, “taking it all in” to the extreme. Probably would have stood there all night, had his family not gone up to pull him away.

The look on Pranav’s face at .1 second mark is priceless.

Confetti in the hair….Don’t care…Arvind just wants to spell some more words, can’t hate him for that. Pure dedication.