Yesterday, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, stirred up both the Twitter and baseball universe by firing off the following Tweet:


Now obviously he was joking, and even if he was being entirely serious, society as a whole are taking it as a joke. Even if he racked up enough votes to actually be considered a Home Run Derby participant, we all know the Tigers and MLB would shoot down this idea so quickly it would make everyones head spin.

But this brings up a rather interesting question or proposition. Would you like to see Verlander participate in the Derby, assuming extenuating factors like; injuries, superstitions etc., would all be voided? Personally, I have zero qualms with Verlander or any pitcher for that matter participating in the Derby. The purpose of the Derby is solely for entertainment purposes, no more no less. And if anyone takes the Derby seriously, needs to revaluate their lives. So having a pitcher in the Derby would only provided more entertainment for the fans, more viewers, etc. It would be a win-win for MLB and a win-win for the Derby.

Again, I realize not in a million years, this would actually come to fruition, but it’s fun to ponder and run the idea through your head for a little bit. What are your thoughts on the matter? Like the idea? Hate it? Don’t give a shit and have no idea why you just read this? Drop a comment and let us know.