So I am in the midst of going through mass delirium at the moment, currently on the 6th straight hour of sitting the the library studying chemistry. I just got myself some Starbucks and am currently in a study break. So I figured I would write a blog and keep all of you minions happy for a couple of minutes.


Glad to see America's youth is staying active. I see 'U'

Glad to see America’s youth is staying active. I see ‘U’

Today, Germany battled against the US MNT in some soccer. I believe the final score was 4-3 in favor of the US, but it also appears the Germans played their 2nd string players. I really don’t know all the details and I am too lazy to go find more info. I’m not here to analyze  shit and bring you the recaps, that’s not what our site is about. I would say go to ESPN, but they also don’t write on anything other than Lebron James and the Heat, so that’s not much help either.

In any case, supposedly one of the highlights of the match and presumably the only highlight, was when German goalkeeper had a huge breakdown and essentially scored on himself.

Heres the video to acclimate yourself to what I am referring to:


I guess you really can’t say the goalkeeper scored on himself, because he never actually touched the ball. And to be honest, I have zero idea what the goalkeeper was attempting to do here. It kind of looked like he was going to boot it back upfield, then attempted to catch the ball, but then realized he couldn’t touch it and by then it as to late and it was already behind him to the point where he could no longer reach it. Does that make sense? It’s either that or whoever was playing the goalkeeper disconnected their controller. That’s the only other logical explanation.


Here is the same play, except in German. Was really tempted to make a German joke here, but figured the public backlash would be to strong and my better judgment prevailed. Kudos Gonzo.


Oh and can someone explain to me, what’s the deal with the Germans wearing green unis?  That’s the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.