Over the weekend, the best golfers in the world competed in the Memorial Tournament.  But of course like all tournaments, all eyes were on Tiger. Could he go back to back and make it four wins on the year?  Up to now Tiger has looked like the old Tiger. His putting stroke has been smoother than a baby’s bottom.  He has been sticking shots tighter than yoga pants, on a fat girls ass.

But this week was a little different…..


Now I know everybody has an off week with golf, but a 41 on the front nine from Tiger?! Fuck, I can do better than that. The way he has been playing, I didn’t see that round coming at all.  Tiger was making 90% of his putts inside 10 feet.  Where at the Memorial, he averaged 1.7 G.I.R putts.  It wasn’t Tigers driving (per usual) that got him into trouble, he hit 82% fairways in regulation and he hit 62% greens in regulation.  For once, it was his putting and short game. Tt was atrocious to put it nicely.  It gave me flash back of Gonzo’s short game…..

Unfortunately, most Americans tuned out, when Tiger fell from contention, which was pretty early in the weekend.  Which sucks because they missed a good tournament.  The eventual winner was Matt Kutcher, who I love see winning, because he is one of the nicest guys on tour.  But if you didn’t watch, you missed a good battle between Kutcher, Kevin Chappell, and also Kyle Stanley was making a good charge.

Here are some other highlights if you missed out

These guys can putt with anything…..

Silky Smooth

See even though Tiger wasn’t even close to winning or even in contention, they still mention him….

So instead of flicking the channel when Tiger drops from contention, stay tuned, you never know what kind of drama can unfold,

-The Black Pearl