I’ll start it off with the video. Most probably won’t read the blog after, but whatever, their loss.

This brings up a valid question. Which trick shot videos are the best? We have the classic football throw trick shots, the seemingly endless basketball trick shots, the relatively new, field goal kicking trick shots and of course the hockey trick shots just to name a few. Out of all of those, I think in a unanimous decision from me, long snapping trick shots are by far the coolest and possibly the most technically challenging as well.

While I may be the most impressed by the long snapping skills seen in this video and others. Long snapping skills by far, may be the most useless and overall pointless set of skills for one to master, especially trick shots, cool or not cool. With the other ones, there is actually a point in making the video, which is to show off your talent to potential scouts and make it to the big time. As for the long snappers, the one and only thing they have to do and do well is snap the ball backwards. Nothing else. So while being able to get a football to go through and car and nail your friend in the groin is cool and all, it serves no other purpose whatsoever.

And how about the cockiness on this kid? I almost closed the tab once I saw this right here.


Bro, you are a long snapper. Stop acting like you are some hot shot on campus. I saw zero, I repeat zero girls in the entirety of this video. So clearly no one else is impressed by this, as much as you think.

We also have an identify crisis on our hands. Is he a long snapper? Or is he a LAX Bro? Can’t be both, gotta pick one or the other.