Soo imagine you have two goalies that can couldn’t stop a beach ball. Well that is the plight of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  With Vokoun struggling the past two games, letting in three in the first game against Boston then another three in the first period of game two.  Pittsburgh is running out of options, as they are in a big hole against a strong Boston team.

First of all, I am not saying Pittsburgh being down 2-0 is all of the goalies fault, since they have only scored one goal in the past two games, the goalies aren’t getting much help either defensively or offensively.  Also since the so called best player in the NHL, Sydney Crosby doesn’t even seem to be noticed on the ice except when he try’s to start a fight with a goalie, then shits his pants when Chara is in his grill.

Speaking of “Sid the Kid” did anyone else read this article

Good shit. Honestly, I am not going to hide it.  I extremely dislike Crosby, yes I will agree he is one of the best hockey players in the NHL right meow.  But that doesn’t excuse the fact that he is softer than dog shit.  He can’t take a hit and is the least physical player I have seen.  But I am getting a little of topic back to the main point.

What goalie do you choose, Fluery or Vokoun……?  Honestly it’s an easy decision for me go with the goalie who got you there…Fluery. He hasn’t played one game well or even average.  The guy was like fricken Swiss cheese in the first series.  But Honestly they don’t need to have a goalie play amazing they just need him to make the stops that he should, and their offence (if they ever get their head out of their asses) will take care of the rest.  I am sticking with my pick Penguins are gonna win two in Boston then will eventually win in a game 7.

-The Black Pearl