And that right there kids, is why God invented a thing called the cup.

I love the guy in the background that yelled “Cup Check”, that reminds me of my old school days. Not sure how many of you played sports, but when I was playing sports particularly in High School, the big thing going around was to backhand people in the nuts and say ‘cup check’. Possibly one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard of, thinking about it now. Talk about pain.


If you are a guy and have never felt what it’s like to have any form of ball or hand hit you in the nuts at a high rate of speed. I think I can speak for the majority of people here and tell you it’s one of the most painful things in your life.

Nothing was funnier, than when that one cocky kid on your team refused to wear a cup in practice and always inevitably took a nut shot. Watching someone squirm on the ground or ice for a handful of minutes is always a nice break just before you have to do suicides.