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I don’t even know where this took place, is this in LA? St. Louis? Arizona? Not that it really matters, because that’s just frivolous information, but if I knew the city I could make a wise crack joke.

Regardless, I hate all the people calling striped polo guy out, like he is a bad guy for nearly letting that lady take a 3 pound Louisville Slugger straight to the dome piece. If this was court, anyone calling this guy out, would be charged with contempt of the court. In my eyes this guy is a national hero.

Listen, life is rough and to be honest, in life it’s every man and woman for themselves. Natural selection and avoiding being a Darwin Award, is no joke to play around with. So when someone has a 3 pound tree coming in hot, the only thing one can do is to move out of the way, no time to worry about your significant other(s). It’s like on an airplane, when those air masks fall down, the last thing on my mind is to help the old lady next to me first. Fuck that.

So to bring it back around, it’s not this guys fault, that this lady has the reaction speed of a 92 year old Helen Keller. Like heads up lady! Duck and cover!