I have been literally trying to get a GIF of this to work ever since it happened. Made my own GIF, downloaded it, then uploaded it the whole nine yards. And for some odd reason, all of a sudden the GIF’s are not uploading properly. I’m geeking out over this. Beyond rattled. I’m pretty sure I lost some sleep over this damn GIF. Was going to call my IT department, but then realized we don’t have an IT department, or any department for that matter.

In any case, enough with my rant. When I initially saw this, I was like “ohh shit”. To be honest it looked 10 times worse on live TV in full speed, almost has if it was intentional. But as the replays started flowing in and the slow-mo’s were being shown, anyone not blind, clearly saw it was not intentional whatsoever.

Keith was visually ‘shaken up’ over the incident and rightfully so, what was supposed to be a stick check to the lower body or mid section, caught Carter in the face. Just flat out bad luck, plain and simple. Duncan Keith, like the man that he is, showed some real sportsmanship after this incident and told Carter multiple times throughout the night, that he was sorry.

Unfortunately, for Keith’s sake here, he will undoubtedly get a 1-game suspension out of this, accident or no accident. And if no suspension is dropped on Keith, I am be in complete shock.