If you recall the other day, I wrote a blog regarding the Heat trouncing the Pacers in game 7, of the Eastern Conference Finals. Well buried in that blog, was a tidbit regarding Money Mayweather here, throwing down $5.9 million on the Heat at -7.

As common with Mayweather, he only posts pictures of the bet slips if he wins. Had he lost this bet, we would have never known how much if anything he actually bet on the game. But there it is, in all it’s glory. Just goes to show how much of a boss, Mayweather actually is. Yeah, sure his fights may be one of the most overrated events of all time. However, all that matters is we know he is straight swimming in money.

That brings me to my second point, who bets on the heavy favorites? That’s the most bizarre thing I have ever heard. What’s the point of even betting. Like Mayweather here, had to bed 5.9 million to win a measly 5.3. Like I’m no odds maker or math genius, but that math sucks right? Like had a common man bet $20 bucks on that game with the Heat -7, how much would they have won? 24 bucks? So a $4 profit? Sweet fancy moses!

If you are going to bet, only bet on the underdogs. That way win you win, it feels all the more gratifying and you can for sure brag about it to your friends. And if they happen to lose, you ca simple use the excuse, “I bet on the underdog”. Win-Win. Take a seat Mayweather.