First off guys, what’s up? Been real busy readjusting to life back here in the US sorry for my lack of posts. Secondly, this post will not be popular, why? Cause it’s pro-Sidney Crosby. But hear me out, I’m a die hard Flyers fan, so naturally, I hate Crosby about as much as Kanye West hates….uh….everybody, but after watching this series, I have a new found appreciation for the guy.

First take a looksie at that clip:

What you’ve got is Crosby trying to energize his team. And he does it the hard way. Against the Bruins, you’re going to have a bad time if you mess with their goalie. Not only that, he picks a little fight with Chara who is more animal than man. But as if that wasn’t enough, in last nights game he does this:

Look at him play like a man possessed, sans helmet, even after breaking his jaw a little while ago. Crosby is playing pretty poorly in this series, but you can see he’s trying. And the Pens are gonna need a lot of trying if they want to pull this one out.

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-El Perro Grande